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This time, we are proud to announce the release of S'moresUp Web, a simple web interface for your chore scheduling needs. We did a pilot test with a few families and after a couple of iterations, we are making it available to all the members of the app. 

You can access the site here https://web-smoresup.firebaseapp.com/login


Here are some of the features that you can use to create and manage chores.

Landing Page: Weekly View

By default, the portal takes you to the weekly view for the family. Here you will see the list of chores scheduled for the week.


The weekly view is split vertically into showing the Anytime Chore on the top and the scheduled chores on the bottom against the time they are due. Anytime chores are scheduled to be completed at any time on the day and are displayed without a due time.


Filters on the Top

On the top, you have a way to filter based on family members. This helps you show chores that are scheduled for a particular family member. Individual chores that are assigned to multiple family members are listed and grouped as one.



Family Chores on the Left

On the left, you will see the Family Chore Tab and clicking on it will expose the Family Chore panel that lists all the chores assigned to the family. This is separated into Daily, Weekly, and Other (chores that have other schedules). 



Edit a Chore

To edit a chore click on the name of the chore. You can modify certain basic things like name, who it is assigned to, how many smores are allocated, due time, category, and some basic scheduling from this screen. Advanced options like approval, photo proof, and others and some advanced scheduling are accessible only from the app.



As Needed chores are at the bottom

As-needed chores that do not have any schedule and can be completed any number of times by anyone in the family are shown at the bottom. They do not follow a schedule and as a result outside the weekly view. You can edit them and schedule them by clicking on the chore name.



Daily View

You can toggle between the weekly and daily views using the toggle switch. In Daily view, the chores are listed by Family members. Using the Daily view with the Family member filter will help you narrow down the chores by a family member on a specific day. The controls next to the date will help you navigate between days.



Add a New Chore

You can create a new chore by clicking on Add New. This way, you can create a basic chore using this portal and if you need to add advanced options, you can do that form the app.



Add from Discover Chore (Right Panel)

If you are interested in any of the chores that are pre-populated and pre-scheduled, you can do so from the Discover Chores section. To access the discover chore by clicking on the tab to the right. This opens up the Discover Chore section that is categorized by Chore Category. You can drag and drop these chores onto the calendar to add and assign to your family. 



Search on Discover Chores

If you are lookign for a specific chore, you can use the search on the top section of Discover Chore to look for a chore that you may be intereted in. We have over 90 predefined chores and my guess is that you will be abel to find the one that you are lookign for on it.



Finetune the view with the help of Filters

We have filters on the top to filter out chores by fmaily members, and we also have filters to view chores by their cateogry. With the combination of them both you can see chores at a granular level and schedule accordingly.


last but not least

Reschedule by moving things around

You want to reschedule a chore, just click on it and move it to it a new due time on the calendar.


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