What's new in S'moresUp - May 2018


At S'moresup, we constantly work towards making the app better for our parent community. This means, talking to you frequently, getting feedback on your experience, fixing things that bother you and enhancing the platform to make things better and easier for the families on S'moresUp. 

Below is a list of enhancements we recently released to make it better for modern-day family management. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

New Features:

Here are some of the new features in this particular release that you may enjoy

No more reminders from y'all. S'moresUp now sends reminders to complete chores.

My cousin is an early user of this platform, and my nephew is on the platform. The biggest challenge for my nephew is that he is forgetful. When I spoke to him and asked him what would help him with completing a chore, he said if there were some sound or notification when a chore is due, then it would be helpful. Thank You Ro-Ro, here is your Ding.

S'moresUp sends a notification to all the devices in the family 15 minutes before a chore is due.  We are working on steps to put some intelligence into this chore notification and an option to turn this off selectively. Will keep you posted.

Kids can showcase their day to parents through a picture or a text or an emoji

We spoke to few families on the platform and found that they are using the feed feature to communicate within the family and we loved how it was used. What a fun and simple way to let your kids know that they are appreciated and a way to share what you value the most within the family in all forms. 

Now the same can be done by kids. Kids can post videos, pictures, and messages that are visible only to the family members. What a way to share s happy moment with you when you are not around. Only for your eyes, and you decide to share with your friends and family.

Calendar view for kids... to help them to be self-organized

Few of you, who have kids in their tween and teen spoke to us and wanted a feature by which their kids can actively manage their calendar. As the first step, we have introduced an option by which kids can view their calendar and that of other family members. This calendar view can be accessed when a kid logs in to their profile. Check out the images below for some screenshots on the same. 

Making it better for you:

Here are some of the features that we enhanced to make your life a little more easier.

Parents have the power to change the status of past chores. Use it wisely ;)

Currently, we have some complaints that the platform doesn't let kids go back in time and mark a chore complete. We had it designed intentionally with the thought that marking a chore as "complete" promptly is also part of teaching responsibility, just like completing a chore. We think we were very strong handed on that aspect. 

Now we understand that there are situations where a chore status may need an update at a later time. We are allowing parents to edit the status of a past chore. You as a parent can make a chore complete and move it to pending as needed. If you change the status to pending, we currently do not penalize the kids by removing points form them. Let me know what you think.

Those Gnarly defects

Here is a list of issues that we have with the older version of the app. To be safe, update the app.

Who here hate day-light savings? We sure do!

When it comes to calendaring or chore or anything that has to do with time, it is a huge pain to technically program Daylight Saving Time into a system. Even though you spend a considerable amount of time in getting it right, there is always this one or two things that get missed out. Thanks to some engaged users, we were able to find some of them and put them to rest.

Thank you Amkubes, Aydinhoo, Vivitha, and James

Help us spread the love

I know you all love this app... if not you wouldn't be reading this. For people like you, we have a feature by which you can spread the good works. Click on "Share the app" from the top left menu and send it to people who you think will find this app useful.

Happy Parenting!
S'moresUp - Your Partner in Parenting.

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