What's new in S'moresUp - May 2019


At S'moresUp, we listen to our users and update the app pretty regularly to keep things running smoothly. Occasionally we surprise them with something fascinating. This one such release :)


Notifications under control:

We got feedback from a lot of parents that their phone is beeping non-stop with chore reminders and chore completion and they want a way to turn off notification. To all those parents, relief is here.

We added a section called "Preference" to your profile which gives you better control over what you like to be notified on and what you don't want to be disturbed on. Also, we updated the default so that you don't get notified when a chore for your kid is due and let you know only when a chore is complete. You can change the preference anytime.

On the iPhone app, you can override this preference on a chore by chore basis by using the Advanced Settings. This option is not yet available on Android.


Got Android? - CashOut is here.

We are introducing CashOut for Android in May release. Cashout has been available on the iPhone app for some time and after listening in on the community conversation we planned to introduce the feature to the Android version of the app.

CashOut is a way by which the S'mores that are eared within the app, through chores or allowance, can be traded in for real life money so that the kids can understand real money. Mostly useful for young kids who are transitioning from funny money to real money.

This option is not visible to kids until you turn it on as a parent. So, if this is not a thing in your family, you don't have to worry about it and ignore this feature.

As a parent, you can enable cashout through the Preference section. If you have set up rewards, then you already have a vague idea of what your S'mores to currency conversation rate it. When you turn this option and set the conversion rate, your kids will see a reward called "CashOut" on their reward shelf and can claim it like any other reward. You as a parent will get a notification when a CashOut reward is claimed and you can fulfill it outside the app. 

As a parent, you also have control on which of the kids can see CashOut for rewards. Say if you have older kids who can know the value of real money and younger kids who see it funny, then you can turn this option ON just for the older kids and not make it available for younger kids. 


Performance! Performance!! Performance!!!

We are welcoming a lot of new families on the app and that means the system is going to act a little sluggish from time to time. You folks have been very patient with us and we really appreciate that. 

We are always on the lookout for ways to better the performance of the app and we did a huge upgrade to better performing servers and introduced changes to the app that improves the overall performance. As a result of it, performance during the peak period got better by 80%. 

We will continue to find ways to better the performance of the app by making changes to the core and also to the app. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at admin@smoresup.com or start a conversation around this article. If you like the app, please share it with your friends and family and drop a line on the app store. 

Thank You & Happy Parenting!
S'moresUp Team

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