What's new in S'moresUp? - Feb 2020


At S'moresUp we listen to our users and our commitment to you is that we will continue to make this app better for you and your family, and we will help you at every step possible to make your family management a joyful experience. 

This latest release contains some critical enhancements to the "Chores" tab and how chores are completed in general. Our goal for this release was to make it simple for kids to complete a chore and for parents to view and approve them. 

1. Introducing "Quick Update" 


When you log in to the app, you will see that there is a new option that is available at the bottom of the Choose Profile screen for a quick update on the chores. Once you click or swipe on it, you will be taken to a list of chores that are due today. 


From this view, you will be able to mark the chores as complete. 


There are some limitations to this feature as we do not mandate authentication. The limitations are below

  1. Everyone's chore is visible to everyone else. If you have chores that you don't want your kids to see, you should turn this feature off. 
  2. Form this view, anyone in the family can mark any chore complete. That means, you will be able to mark your kid's chore as complete and your kid will be able to mark your chore complete.
  3. If there is a photo proof required for a chore, it is mandated even if a parent completes a chore.
  4. Moving a chore back to pending and approving a chore is not enabled form this view


2. Chores Tab gets a Revamp 

We also went ahead and revamped the Chores Tab.

Challange with designing for a mobile device is the real estate we get to play with. We looked at the features that were used the most used (like Todays Progress & Weekly Progress) and the one that was least used (like Family Chores, My Chores & Discover Chores) and moved things around for better usability.Old_Vs_New_-_Chores_Tab.png

It may take a little while to get used to the new layout, but you will appreciate it once you get used to it.

Changes Include

1. My Chores and Today's Chore Progress combined to provide a single view.




2. The Weekly Chore Progress section has been moved and locked to the bottom for easy access.


3. Family Chores moved to Family Tab to take all the management to one place.


4. Discover Chore moved to the place where chores are created. 



3. Complete, View, Approve & Revert chores form one place

As a parent, you can now view the status, mark a chore as complete for yourself and for your kids, approve a chore that needed approval, view the photo proof and even move a chore back to pending for this one screen.


4. Kids get the list view for Easy Update

With this release, kids now can view their chores as a list, sectioned by time (by default). This way, they can have a better view of the chores and don't have to be running around to find the ones that they need to complete. We are working on adding a feature where this section can be sorted by Chore Category. 


5. Customize your experience through Family Settings 

And finally, you can customize the whole experience. You can turn off the Quick Update feature and decide which kid gets the list view and who gets the Grid view.

The options are under the section GENERAL under Settings. You can access settings by clicking on your profile picture (Top Left) and then clicking on settings.




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