Chores and S'mores are not just for Kids! Parents, track your chores using S'moresUp!


Parents, in the latest version of S'moresUp, you can assign chores not just to kids, but also to yourself and your partner. That means you have all the ways to track and complete chores from one place. You want to ask your partner to stop by at the Grocery store, create a chore and assign to them with the list of things to buy as part of the instruction. Simple!

Also, who said Rewards are only for kids. Just like kids in the family, you can collect S'mores and save towards a goal or spend it on Rewards. The Foot Massage that you have been eyeing, add it as a reward and start working towards it. You also can save towards goals or contribute toward family goals.



1. How to Assign Chores to Parents

Steps for creating and assigning chores to parents are no different from creating and assigning chores for kids. When you create a chore, pick your name or your partner from the Assignee list.

In the below example, the chore "Mow the Lawn" is scheduled for Saturday of the week and set to Rotate between Mama S'mores and Papa S'mores. The Rotate option makes sure that Mama and Papa S'mores get to rotate the chore between them.




2. Completing Chores as Parents

As parents do not have a profile similar to kids, completing chores for parents is done through the "Chores" tab when parents are logged in.

Chores tab shows today's chore progress for the family and by default grouped by the family members. You can look for chores under your name and click on the checkmark next to the chore name.



3. Managing Chores, S'mores, Rewards & Goals from Dashboard

You can also manage your Chores, Rewards, and Goals from the Family Dashboard. The Dashboard is accessed by clicking on the profile picture of the family member from the Family Tab.


From the Dashboard screen, you have permission to move S'mores from one Jar to the other, complete Chores, claim Rewards and also track your Goals.


So yes, go ahead and show your kids that parents have chores as well and ask them to help you out by collaborating (Chore type COLLABORATE) with them on chores. Happy Parenting!

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