Chore Types and how-to use them


You want to make chores fun for your family, use the different Chore Type available within S'moresUp to make it interesting. You can set up chores that can encourage collaboration or bring a competitive spirit within the family.




Chore Types also helps you set up those chores that do not follow a particular schedule or pattern. 

Chore Types are an impressive way to level up your chore management skills. They give you the flexibility to fine-tune your chore system and make it engaging for the whole family. 


The below table gives a description of the various chore types and how it can be used.

Chore Type Description
ROTATE The task is assigned to each child on a rotation schedule in the order you select. (Ex: Set Dinner Table assigned to 3 children, will only show for child 1 on Mon, child 2 on Tues, child 3 on Wedn, and so forth.)
AS NEEDED  The chore is not assigned to anyone specific child, can be completed by anyone for points awarded as often as a chore is needed. (Ex: Use this for "Take Dog Out Potty" or "Empty the Trash Can").
INDIVIDUAL It is assigned to each child you choose, and they are awarded the full points once completed.
COMPETE It is assigned to each child you choose, and the first child to complete the task gets awarded the full points.
COLLABORATE It is assigned to each child you choose, as each child completes the task they are awarded a portion of the points. (Ex: Clean Bedroom assigned to 2 children = 50 s'mores; each child will receive 25 s'mores on completion.)


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