Whats new in S'moresUp December Release?


At S'moresUp we listen to our users continuously and try to make the product better for everyone in our S'moresUp Community.

This much-anticipated release of S'moresUp has the following features.

1. Chore Advance Scheduling

When you create a chore, you will see a new category called "Advanced". This option lets you create chores that have a varying frequency. You can create Monthly, Weekly, bi-weekly, Yearly. Multiples times a day, multiple times a week and so on and so forth. 

This gives a huge deal of flexibility with scheduling a chore and can be used to customize the chores to your needs. The app still supports the Basic scheduling categories like Daily, Weekly, and One time chore


2. Chore Due Time made Optional - The chore "Due time" which was mandatory before has been made optional. This means, family members have the flexibility to do chores and mark them as

complete when they please.IMG_B02F2CF64DCF-2.jpeg

3. One time chore gets displayed till it gets complete - With the earlier version, one time chores are displayed to members only on the due date. With the new version, you have the option to display them on the member's portal every day until the chore is due.


4. Custom Reminders for Chores - You no more have to be limited by the 15-minute reminders before a chore is due. You can set reminders at a set time or a set period before the chore is due. You also have the ability to turn off reminders. 


5. Chore Category - Use chore categories when you want to logically group chores. They are used bindle and display the chores as a group. This way, all your kid's morning Chores can be grouped under one category and displayed together.

6. My Posts on Community - We got feedback from lot of folks saying they would live to view their posts and be able to quickly see the responses they got on their posts. We made id possible by adding a new section called "My Post" under Community. Now all the Community posts that you mad are visible under that section.

7. Better "Family Campfire" - Your Family Campfire is split into two sections.

  • Section POSTS contains all your family announcements and messages shared by your family members and members of the connected family.
  • Section ACTIVITIES contains all the family-related activities like chore completion message, chore approval, rewards redeemed, Bonus, Takeaways, etc. 

8. Late Penalty for Chores - ...completed after the scheduled due time. If you are teaching your kids time management and want to make them realize that not completing a chore on time or not returning homework on time has consequences, use this option to help them practice punctuality. 

Setting up Late Penalty is available as part of Advanced settings and you can set the amount of S'mores that will be deducted in Percentages or in value.

9. Automatic Allocation of S'mores - ... when your kids complete a Chore. If you are helping your kids with practicing healthy fiance practices, one thing that you want to teach them is for them to Save their S'mores for a big purchase or delayed gratification.

You can do so by talking to them and setting up this Auto Allocation whereby all the S'mores got by doing chores is automatically allocated to the proper jars.  

10. Search on Discover Chores - If you are looking for a chore and not able to quickly identify under which category you saw them, use the Search Bar at the top. Search makes it each to look for chores across categories and to add it to the family.

11. Add custom Bonus - The Bonus gets its own tile on the Family Tab and we have made changes to the feature so that you can add custom bonus amounts to reward your kid with.

12. Family Member Dashboards - Users have been asking for a simple way to view and manage family members from one page which enables them to do all possible operations on the family members and we made it possible through the Dashboard. You can perform almost all operations form this single page including Chore Approval &was  Reward Approval.

You can access this Dashboard by clicking on the Profile Pictures of your family members from the Family Tab.

13. Claiming Rewards - Parents - To show to the kids that Parents play a major role in running the family, we added the ability to assign chores to parents. With this release, we are extending the functionality so that parents can claim rewards and save towards Goals with the S'mores they saved up doing chores. 

You can claim rewards and goals form your Dashboard view. Dashboard for parents can be viewed by clicking on the Profile picture of the parents from the Family Tab.

14. Family Setting - A quick way to add/edit/remove kids, invite partners and an easy way to clean your account in case you want to start fresh.

15. Rewards now have History, Approval, and Ledger for keeping track of Cash-Outs. - Yes, we turned on Rewards approval and added anew section through which you can control all of the rewards. You can Approve them, reject them, refund them and also mark it as Fulfilled so that you know when you have satisfied the reward. 

You can access this by clicking on the History icon on the top right on your Rewards Shelf. To enable Reward Approval, turn this Reward Approval from the Settings menu.

16. Family QR Code - An easy way to link Family Devices that are shared between family members. Your kids don't have an email address, don't worry. Open up your family QR Code from the Family Settings and scan it from the device that you want to pair it with. 

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