Chore Cards - An intuitive way of creating and managing chores


We have been looking at ways to make chore management simpler and fun and engaging for kids of all ages. If you have kids of all ages, then you know what we are talking about. Things that work for younger kids do not work with older kids and the ones that work for older kids are clumsy for little ones.


Having this in mind, we have introduced a new concept called Chore Cards, which is a bigger better representation of the chore list that the kids see when they login to their profile.




There are few benefits to the chore card design

  1. It's big, bold, and visible. For younger kids, it is easy to view the icons and understand what the chore is
  2. The Chore Card design is intended to show the chore that needs to be completed next. This means, there is no scrolling through the list to see what is next. They log in, see the next task,click and mark it as complete. NO fiddling around.

We are trying out new things to make chorE creation easy for parents. Also, anyone who is interested to do an offline chore system should be able to take a print of the card and attach it to any playing cards or Uno cards and use it at home.


We have currently made this chore card available for kids and with Smart Chore integration through your Smart Appliances from GE and Bosch. We are yet to expose this to parents for the creation and configuration of chores.


We are also looking to move out of white line icons for chores to colored icons to make them visible on the new chore card design. Meanwhile, we are going with a gray background to make the icons visible. We will update this soon.



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