I am not getting reminded when my kid's chore are due or when they complete a chore. What can i do to get this corrected?


Please verify the following item and see if you are set up to receive messages.

  1. Make sure the Notification settings are turned on and that your profile picture is selected (a tick mark across) for that particular section.
  2. Check if Chore level Advanced setting does not over-ride the notification.
  3. Check if you have posted on Activity Tab. If you have a Post regarding the completion of a chore, then the backend logic of completing a chore is working fine.
  4. Check if your phone level settings for notification are turned on for the app and the notification not suppressed.
  5. Check if "Silent Mode" is turned off on your phone.
  6. Check if all the members of the family are on the latest version of the App.


If you still are not getting the notification, 

  1. Try logout and logging back into the app
  2. Try restarting your device


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