Complete a Chore


There are two ways to mark a chore as complete from a kid’s profile: from the Home screen and from the Checklist screen. 

Home Screen

  1. From the Home tab, you can see assigned chores. Tap on the chore you wish to mark as completed.

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  1. Tap Done for the Day.


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  1. The Congratulations screen will appear and show you how many S’mores were earned, as well as your weekly status report. Tap the x icon to return to the Home tab.

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  1. The chore will now be marked as completed.

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Checklist Screen

Note: This option is the best method if you need to mark more than one chore as complete.

  1. From the kid’s profile overview screen, tap Checklist.



  1. To mark a chore as complete, tap on the red x icon of that chore.




  1. Tap Done for the Day.


  1. The red x will change to a green check mark to show that the chore has been completed. You can continue to mark chores as completed from this same screen.



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