Chores Tab - Overview

  1. From the Home tab, tap the Chores tab at the bottom.  



  1. The Chores tab displays the following information.



  • My Chores - This section will display any chores that parents have assigned to themselves. Parents can also mark their chores as complete from this tab. Please note, chores will only show up here on the day they are due. 
  • Chores Progress - This screen will display an overview of all chore progress. You will be able to see a weekly view of which chores are assigned, to who they are assigned, and if they have been completed or not. You can edit chores and mark chores as complete on behalf of your kids from this tab. 
  • Family Chores - This box will display the number of assigned and unassigned family chores that have been created.  See the section below Overview of Assigned and Unassigned Chores for further details.  
  • Discover Chores - This box will display the number of available pre-set chores that can be used, as well as the number of categories, and how many you currently have assigned. Tap Discover Chores to see the list of existing chores that you can assign.
  • + icon - Tap the + icon to create a chore. See section Create a Chore below, for further details.

Overview of Assigned and Unassigned Chores

You have the option to assign chores to a specific child, or to leave them unassigned, so that any child can voluntarily select it if they wish to complete it. Unassigned chores are listed under "Pick from the list" when viewed from a kid's profile.

To view which chores are assigned and which chores are unassigned, follow the steps below.

  1. From the Chores tab, tap Family Chores.



  1. The screen will display the list of assigned chores, and who they are assigned to.

C:\Users\Natalie\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Family_chores_3_assigned_X.PNG


  1. Tap the toggle switch to view any unassigned chores.

C:\Users\Natalie\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Unassigned_chore_3_toggle_unassigned_X.PNG

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