Add Kids to Your Family


To add kids to your family, you have two options: add kids by using an email address or add kids without using an email address.

Add Kids with an Email Address

  1. From the Family setup, tap + Add Kid.



  1. The Add Kid profile screen offers a variety of setting options.



camera.png Tap the camera icon to change your child’s profile picture. You can take a new picture, choose an existing photo from your gallery, or remove a previously added photo.  Follow the onscreen prompts for cropping and setting photo.
profile.png Tap inside the Nickname field to create a profile name for your child. This is also the name that others in your network will see.
calendar.png Tap inside the Age field to enter your child’s age.
female.png Tap either Male or Female to select the gender for your child.


  • Create a Login for Kids? – Disabled by default. Tap the toggle switch to turn on.
  • This option allows you to invite your child through an email invitation so they can set up their own login using an email and password. You will be prompted to enter your child’s email address; an invitation will then be sent to them.
  • If you do not have an email address for kids or do not want to use it, leave this option turned off.


  • Profile PIN (Mandatory if you are adding an email address to your kid) - Type in a four-number pin to add security to the account.  Tap View Pin to see the numbers. Tap Hide Pin to hide the numbers.


  • Settings – Tap the down arrow ˅ to display additional setting options.
  • Money Wise – This option encourages kids to think about how they spend the Smores they collect. Disabled by default. This option will automatically become enabled once you add a kid to your network.
  • Goals – This option allows kids to save for a big ticket item. Enabled by default.
  • Rewards – This option allows kids to trade in Smores towards things they like. Enabled by default.
  1. Tap Add to create your child’s profile and save all changes.
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