Set Up a Profile


The Profile screen offers a variety of setting options.


  1. Add information to the following categories to complete your profile:


camera.png Tap the camera icon to change your profile picture. You can take a new picture, choose an existing photo from your gallery, or remove a previously added photo.  Follow the onscreen prompts for cropping and setting photo.
profile.png Tap inside the Name field to create a profile name.
eamil.png This is the email address used to create your account.  This cannot be changed as it is your login credential.
phone.png Tap inside the Phone Number (Optional) field to enter a phone number to be associated with your account.
female.png Tap either Male or Female to select the gender your profile will display.  
intewrest.png  Topics of Interests - Add any topics of interest. Tap the + icon to add interest (i.e. music, sports, hobbies)


  • Profile PIN (Optional) - Type in a four-number pin to add additional security to your account. Tap View Pin to see the numbers. Tap Hide Pin to hide the numbers.
  1. Tap SAVE to create your profile. You will be taken to the Family Setup screen.


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